Collaborators : Associates

Visiting the sick

Way to holiness … following Saint Jeanne Jugan!

The Association Jeanne Jugan, approved by the Vatican on September 5, 1998, is a present-day response to Saint Jeanne Jugan’s prophetic vision of ... a humble fraternal service uniting in one family: the Little Sisters, the Elderly and lay collaborators who wish to serve Jesus Christ in the person of the Elderly.

Not just a volunteer …

Associates are lay persons aged 18 and above who

  • share in the spiritual riches of the Little Sisters of the Poor …
  • aspire to be humble so as to love more, gentle and joyful in self-giving service to the Elderly Poor
  • are committed to spreading the charism and spirit of Saint Jeanne Jugan among the people with whom they live and work …

Animating games for the Residents

The Associates’ mission

  • Making the Elderly happy and caring for them as in a large family
  • Accompanying the Elderly spiritually while respecting their individual beliefs
  • Continuing to pray for the Elderly after they return to God

An Associate is called to

  • contribute voluntary service
  • develop in his / her personal spiritual life Saint Jeanne Jugan’s attitudes, that is,
    • a lively faith and confidence in Divine Providence
    • a deep and personal love for Christ, recognized in the Elderly Poor
    • forgetful of self
    • a spirit of joy and praise

Spending time with the Residents

    Ways an Associate may serve …

    Associates offer the collaboration each feels called to, according to their abilities, time, interests, family or other obligations. They serve in the following ways:

  • Direct care of the Residents
  • Pastoral, recreational and cultural activities
  • Assistance with projects or direct service in a mission house of the Congregation
  • Offering of one’s prayers and sufferings for the salvation of the Elderly and the intentions of the Congregation


After an initial formation, of about a year, would-be Associates make a promise of commitment according to a formula. The promise of commitment is renewable yearly.