Collaborators : Volunteers

Making beds

Time to spare?

If you’re wondering how you might spend that ‘spare time’ of yours, why not consider volunteering at our Homes …

Volunteers play an essential role in the life of each of our Homes since there is always ‘some job that needs doing!’….

Be it assisting with the housekeeping, meal service, accompanying Residents to hospital appointments, gardening, handicraft etc.

Besides being an invaluable support to the Little Sisters, Volunteers help provide the Residents with that extra attention that makes all the difference in their lives!

If you would like to know more about how you could help the needy elderly through volunteering, contact the Home nearest to you …

St. Mary's Home
2, Welfare Road, Wong Chuk Hang, ABERDEEN, Hong Kong +852 2870 0088

St. Joseph's Home
18 Po Kin Road, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong +852 2320 5504