Celebrating 25 years of God's fidelity!

It was truly a family affair as the Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated by our Rogationist friends, Fr. Mariano Antonio Ranera (@ Fr. Jun) and Fr. Welbert Suarez. The joy was doubled as three future postulants were also present to witness the renewal of Mother Provincial’s vows!

The participation of the entire community was manifest at the Mass as the Sisters assured the proclamation of the Word, the intercessory prayers, right down to the offertory procession.

After the Mass, the Little Sisters and Staff then ‘rolled up their sleeves’ to serve the Residents a simple home-cooked festive meal in the Auditorium. The Staff outdid themselves creating decorative service wear using banana leaves!

As Mother Provincial Charlotte Mary said in her little speech after cutting her Jubilee Cake: “God is surely pleased because you (the Residents) are happy!”