Before our merciful God, one must be very humble

“HUMILITY” —— before the merciful God, one must be very humble. This phrase is exactly what I wish to learn from our Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan. I also wish to learn from her how to meticulously care for the poor and the weak! Looking back at my first day serving at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, I felt that the way Little Sisters treated the elderly was different from other homes for the elderly. The Little Sisters offer their fine care and gentle greetings, while the elderly repay them with a smile, and behind all of this is Saint Jeanne Jugan. I still recall how everyone in the Home interact with each other and with others. When they see me at the Home, they greet me with a lovely ‘good morning’; nodding and smiling at me with simple gestures that instantly warm my soul and touch my heart!

Having established a good rapport with the elderly, I realise how I always miss them when I’m not at the Home! Six months ago, I fell and because of injury to my legs, I was not able to visit the Home. But the Little Sisters and the Elderly sent me greetings through other volunteers. They prayed for me, and wished me a speedy recovery! Thanks be to God! May God bless every Little Sister, the elderly and the Home’s Staff with peace and health!

Jeanne Jugan Associate
M. Wong