Learning to become a better person

At the end of the “last century”, when I was attending catechism class in preparation for my baptism, my catechist introduced to me the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Congregation of religious Sisters serving the Elderly.Thanks to God’s arrangement, I joined the Association Jeanne Jugan, and during the formation, I got to know our Foundress Saint Jeanne Jugan.

Saint Jeanne Jugan gave up marriage, and dedicated herself completely as spouse to Our Lord Jesus, begging for the poor and helpless elderly people in her time. Her charity was manifest, and she bore abundant fruit through her humility.

Becoming an Associate, following the lead of the Little Sisters of the Poor these past years, reaching out to the elderly and seeing their happy faces, listening to their life stories, has given me delight! I’ve learnt how to be a better person, especially in the face of old age and frequent illness. The Elderly gladly accept these as the Will of the Father, and through Holy Mass, praying Lauds and Vespers, praying the Holy Rosary and asking the intercession of Mary our Mother, they learn to trust and to be at peace. The Little Sisters care for the elderly, and in faith, accompany them up to the moment of death, witnessing to the precious gift of life given by God. I have to say my faith is not strong enough yet and I shall make greater effort to serve in the spirit of our saintly Mother Jeanne Jugan! But together with her, I’ll always say: Blessed be God forever!

Jeanne Jugan Associate
R. Lai