'Ma Maison' HK : St. Mary's Home

St. Mary's Home for the Aged …
the second LSP Home in Hong Kong

In 1958, Bishop Lorenzo Bianchi, then Bishop of Hong Kong asked that a second Home of the Little Sisters be built in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club contributed one million dollars for the construction.

Mr. P.K. Ng, architect and generous benefactor drew up the plans for the new Home, which was built in stages.

On 10th February 1959, four Little Sisters and two elderly gentlemen moved in.

On 18th March of the same year and eve of the feast of St. Joseph, great patron of the Little Sisters, another nine elderly gentlemen joined the little family.

The Sisters and Residents lived without electricity until 4th June 1959 when the Hong Kong Electric Company supplied power to the Home for free!

Construction was finally completed in 1962 and Governor Sir Robert Black and Bishop Bianchi officially opened the Home on 11th September.

The new Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station now provides a convenient means of transport to and from the Home.

So it’s hard to imagine that when the Home was first built, it was nestled in the middle of a mountain surrounded by trees and the sea.

Sisters then trekked up and down the hill and took the boat when they went out for the collecting!