Our Life : Consecrated

Little Sisters of the Poor follow Jesus Christ through the profession of the evangelical counsels … of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Hospitality.

By this, we wish to make visible – according to the words and teaching of Our Lord – the Kingdom of heaven as a luminous sign.

Imitating Saint Jeanne Jugan, our Mother Foundress, we endeavour to eagerly respond to our divine vocation, living it with filial adherence to the Church and the Holy Father.

Our religious consecration is a manifestation and sign of the love of God!

  • It belongs to the life and holiness of the Universal Church!
  • It bears witness to the new life acquired for us by Our Lord Jesus!
  • It dedicates us, according to our vocation of mercy, to work for the extension of the Kingdom of God, with the humility of a daughter of Jeanne Jugan!