Our Life : Tradition

Tradition of Begging

From the very beginning our Mother Foundress put her trust in Divine Providence.

She went door-to-door begging, in order to provide for the daily needs of the Elderly poor whom she cared for.

Sometimes, she was very welcomed, at other times not so, but at all times, she was grateful!

Saint Jeanne Jugan also made it clear that we would continue to depend on God through kind benefactors for all our needs …

"God has blessed me," she said, "because I have always thanked His Providence!"

Today, the Little Sisters endeavour to be faithful to that tradition.

We go to the markets, to shops and to churches collecting for the needs of the Homes we manage.

Church collecting

Saint Jeanne Jugan also realized that through the begging, a channel of grace and blessings would be opened to the benefactors.

“How much we owe our good benefactors!” she would say, and as she prayed for them, so do we, her spiritual daughters … every day.