St. Jeanne Jugan : Spirituality

Little, be very little before God

If there was an expression Saint Jeanne Jugan always used, it was “littleness”.

Her secret to wisdom is this … God is everything and she is nothing … nothing so God can fill her up!

Because she knew God’s love in this way and because she loved God in this way, she always moved forward.

Like Jesus and Mary

From Saint John Eudes, Jeanne learned that the Christian life is a continuation of Jesus’ life and virtues.

She also learned that “to come to the heart of Mary is to come to Jesus.” She had a great love for Our Lady and the rosary was her constant companion.

Her prayer life thus deepened, gave fruit to a vibrant and dynamic apostolate.

Love and unity in word and deed

To the Brothers of Saint John of God, Jeanne owes our fourth vow of hospitality. Here, she found an excellent way of reaching out … witnessing to the mercy of the Father … and the compassionate love of Jesus.

Jeanne also learned the art of begging for the poor from the Brothers. The act cost her but she never made an issue of it. She understood the greater good … a seemingly humiliating activity yet uniting benefactor and ‘beggar’ in a bond of solidarity!


For Jeanne Jugan, the Elderly Poor defined her vocation. God waited for her in them. She met and found Him in the Elderly Poor.

Our name “Little Sisters of the Poor” reminds us of whom we serve … to whom we have vowed our lives … and of our desire to go always to the poorest

We seek to create a flow of apostolic collaboration and fraternal charity, so as to assist Christ in the Poor.